This week.

Posted on | January 6, 2012 | 17 Comments

this week went by pretty quickly! but we had a gloomy kiddo on our hands because Scot was back to work after a glorious week off. she’s been telling me how much she misses him, and asking when he’s coming home allll day. so sweet. we got out of the house a few times, but she was kind of a terror in the evenings, most likely letting us know her disapproval of all of it. she has been whipping out some great gems though.

“i tooted in my bed last night while you guys were sleeping.”

“mommy, we should go to outer space this year”.

“there’s a parking spot over there – let’s take it from everybody” <—soooo funny

she’s also been requesting Adele EVERYTIME we get in the car, but it has to be rolling in the deep, and she yells “LET’S ROCK IT OUT GIRL!” and proceeds to do the cutest dance ever for the entirety of the song. she usually finishes off with “that was my jam!”.

she has also become obsessed with wearing only undies around the house. with her gnome hat and shoes from her costume from last year. couple it with a belly full of dora temporary tattoos from a present from gg santa, and you have, well, magic.

what i’m saying is, she is the funniest, best ever.

this week on the blog, i announced this years Bloggers for Babies team. i set a team goal of $3000 (last year we did $2400 for the babehs!) and it would mean A LOT to me if you’d consider donating to this amazing cause. if you each donated even a dollar, we’d reach our goal in no time. also, locals, don’t forget to sign up to walk with us!

around the internet, i’ve been loving on these:

// we have started our eating plan again (yay! and boo!) and i’ve been drinking this water like it’s going out of style. so yummy and perfect for people like me who have a hard time drinking water.

// my pal Jen wrote a great post about how she’s simplifying her blog in the new year. i think she feels the way many bloggers do, and it was a really refreshing read.

// jumping entirely too ahead of myself (per usual), i’ve been pinning home decor inspiration like a mad woman.

// my good friend Stacy is doing a v-day mini session. i’m gonna sign up for one for Harper.

// speaking of love day, wanting to make a few of these cute valentines ideas! the “you’re the bomb” one is too much.

// more local goodness: if you need a cut or color (or want to try some ombre like i did!), give Carly a call, she’s having a great deal for the new year.

// Jess is making the CUTEST blog freebies. she is so talented and i love her style.

// Katie is having a baby! eeeeeeeeeeee!

// and finally,  i put some more goodies up in the Shop My Closet – along with some things from Harper’s wardrobe as well!

i’m really looking forward to this weekend, and sharing it with you guys soon. secret squirrel mission! i think we are stepping out tonight, so i’ll see you guys tomorrow for a SOS post. ::finger guns::

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  • jacquelyn | lark&linen

    the gnome hat and the undies? I die!


  • katie stratton

    your girl is a hoot! why you gotta live so far away?
    p.s. eeeeep! i’m having a baby! haha


  • Shannon

    I need to find myself some Dora tattoos if it is going to make me look as cute as Harper.


  • BiblioMOMia

    We’ve been going through the “Daddy home?” phase around here too.  Breaks my heart, and makes my so happy–all at the same time!


  • Anonymous

    Stop it with the funny Harper! Soooo funny. I wish I could do the mini vday session. We are going to try a family session with her sometime.


  • Jackie-York Avenue

    There are seriously no words for how cute Harper is! And hilarious. That first quote just made me laugh out loud.


  • Emily

    Harper is so cute – that gnome costume gets me! Thanks for the link to Jen’s blog – I love it and totally feel the same way about her post. <3 Hope you have fun this weekend!


  • molly

    She kills me. Landon prefers pantsless days. I can’t say I blame him.


  • lesley

    Funny girl!


  • bobbi

    What fun to have a little comedienne in the house! Kisses to H!
     I, too, have been feeling the itch to alter some decor around here. Don’t know why I bought beadboard wallpaper 2 years ago and have never used it. Could it be because I can’t decide on which room it should go in? Your pins, however, are very inspirational!


  • Kacie

    So funny.  I nannied a little girl named Poppy for 5 years… she had some real gems too such as, “‘Member when I pooped in your bathtub?  I don’t know why I did that!”  Harper is such a funny little girl!  I think she and Poppy would have hit it off.



  • Jennifer

    I would love to read more about your eating plan. I read your original post about it, but if you ever had the time to do a “day in the (eating) life of…” that would be awesome. You original post inspired me and I dropped 25 pounds and now I need to go back after the holidays!


  • Nani

    Harper is freakin adorable and it looks like you have been busy which = goodies for us to look at yay! 


  • jess craig

    ah! she’s so cute! i can’t wait until wyatt says funny stuff. i’m seriously dying for it. she seems really clever. :)


  • Chrissy

    Ah, she is such a cutie! Love that she jams to Adele! xxx


  • Miss Tallulah Porkchop

    You have the cutest family in the blogesphere!


  • Sara Schmalfeld

    My daughter loves Adele too! She sings Rumour Has It all the time. So cute!