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Posted on | March 16, 2012 | 29 Comments

this week did not suck! the weather was nutso (snow! hail! thunder! sunshine!) but otherwise i cannot complain. i kept playing with my camera, we had a super fun playdate at our house, i got my hair done and Harper and i had a successful and fun thrifting adventure. full of the win, i tell you what!

so kind of going along with yesterday’s smoothie post, i’d love to hear some of your favorite sites for vegetarian and vegan recipes. no, we aren’t going full force on either of those things, but we did watch Forks over Knives and when it was over we kind of looked at each other like “oh”. we’ve basically decided to cut out the majority of animal products from our daily eating. as a meat and cheese lover, i can’t say with any certainty that i’d ever go completely vegan but cutting out a lot of what we were eating, on top of cutting out the majority of super-processed foods, has helped both of us tremendously so far. besides the weight loss (i’m down almost 6 pounds and Scot is down around 12), we just feel better. and that is what it’s about for me – i feel crummy way too often and i know it’s attributed to the way i eat. anywho! two favorites i’ve been loving on this week are shutterbean (has vegan and veg sections) and oh she glows. i want to hear your faves though. please and thank you!

Fiona, Elle and Brynn came over and we had a blast. Fiona helped me with my camera (i wasn’t even using the exposure meter nor did i know what it was – holy sheet does that make a difference). i feel like things are starting to click (pun intended), but at the same time i’m trying not to get frustrated with the vast amount of info in front of me. i’m trying to take one thing at a time. like focus!

could you just die at Brynn’s cheeks? and her eyeballs?! good gravy.

i hope you guys have the best weekend. there is a chance ours will include Harper’s first ever ::looks around and whispers:: haircut. don’t freak out, we aren’t like, cutting it cutting it. just a trim in hopes it will be easier to manage (seriously those fine baby hair ends are tangling her head into a mess that takes forever to try and get out – with much unhappiness from her). i will be the weirdo who tapes a baggie of her little hairs into a baby book. judge away!

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  • Nani

    hahaha love this post and that last picture gahh baby cheeks!!!!! 

    As far as her first haircut I think she will be good since she’s a bit older. Does she know the hairdresser?(ie have you gone there before?) if she hasn’t maybe take her there to look around a day or so before so she is not completely freaking out. I didn’t do that (I basically dumped it all on her at once on a spur of the moment haircut) and Sae flipped her shit on me. I wouldn’t recommend it at all! 

    6 months later I ended up taking her to MY stylist because she’s known him forever and it’s like that other experience (including the horrible haircut) didn’t happen! 

    I already got my copy of Forks over Knives and will be watching with the hubby this weekend. I have already started including more fresh options in a bid to eat healthier (and lose weight) but I think this will be a great movie. Do you have any other recipes or books you have read you want to share? I plant o try that smoothie on Sae this weekend (my biggest critic) to see if she’s a fan. 


  • Lindsey Andrukat Ivory

    I haven’t seen Forks over Knives…but now I want to! I have watched just about every other food documentary and they always change my eating habits drastically for a couple weeks…and then as life progresses the crazy changes fade away into more realistic changes. We now don’t eat anything-free (think dairy, gluten, etc) but aim for whole, fresh foods. These are some of my favorite food blogs (and Cannelle et Vanille is especially pretty!): 

    And if you’re feeling a little sassy…try adding a little sparkling water/seltzer to your smoothies…it’s so good!


  • Anonymous

    I keep hearing about this movie – I need to see it.  I don’t eat vegan or vegetarian and steak tartar is my favorite meal, but I just try to eat real foods that were raised properly.  I don’t like to eat anything my great grandmother wouldn’t recognize.  Sometimes, I splurge but day to day, I think it’s important to just eat real food and know where it comes from….that’s my advice :).


  • Ashley

    Man when I first realized I could use that exposure meter it was like seriously?  I don’t have to play guess and check all the time?  Sometimes I still forget about it, and I’m kicking myself after I take a couple shots, but that thing is awesome.  It is great for when you know you want to take pictures in a certain area or of a certain event, to get your settings with a test shot, before asking a toddler to stand still or something :).


  • Jae

    oh the dreaded first haircut. good that you aren’t her a bowl-cut and weird bangs (hello, first 7 years of my life! apparently, it’s an asian tradition to give your kid that kind of haircut). well, good luck to you this weekend! hopefully it solves the bedhead tangling! and if not…at least detangling spray is usually on sale.
    ps: ohdreadrea posts some vegan recipes every so often :) methinks tis worth a checking out.


  • ana {bluebirdkisses}

    lol I would be saving J’s hair too but he’s basically bald so no worries here.  The camera settings and such takes a while to figure out, but it will I promise :)


  • Krista {Not Mommy of the Year}

    Um…. What’s an exposure meter?  Your pictures are fantastic, by the way.  As soon as I get a free second (or month) I really want to to try to learn this stuff. I’ve had the camera long enough that I should learn how to use it. 


  • Heidi

    Sounds like it was a great week, your hair looks great!
    Good for you for making good food choices! What we eat makes such a tremendous impact on how we feel. 


  • Cindy Price

    This is a miracle product for fine hair:
    I bought mine at Sally Beauty and has them, too.
    (It’s also the best cat brush I’ve ever bought – and, yes, the cat has her own brush!)


  • Baby Shopaholic

    There is way too much cuteness going on in this post!  I can’t take it!


  • Gerit5181

    Your hair looks fabulous!  Love it.  H is the cutest ever, but those cheeks of Brynn’s are a close second!  Love you. GG


  • Catchic726 is a great website. Btw I think Harper is about the cutest thing ever. I think my 13 month old will look similar when she gets older and I sure hope she has Harper’s fun personality.


  • Tilly

    I reference this website of the top 10 all the time! Hope it helps :)


  • Liz

    My husband and I are trying to eat better too. He was recently diagnosed with Type II diabetes. You should do a post on examples of meals and snacks that you guys have been eating. Maybe post some recipes too. We want to start eating the way you guys have, but I don’t even know where to start.


  • Emily @
  • Lacey Horst-Thomas

    oh you are NO weird-o. I had to give my little guy his first haircut at 4-months-old! and you better believe I saved a little clipping from it. c:


  • Heather

    my niece’s older sister is almost 5 and still hasn’t gotten her hair cut! She screams and cries, but my niece is 3 and doesn’t mind a bit! Just don’t cut off all of your little cutie’s hair!
    xo Heather


  • Cady

    I know going vegan seems a bit overwhelming at first, but it really does make such a difference. I’ve been eating a vegan diet for almost 2 years now, and it started as a “let’s see how this goes” kind of thing. After a few weeks, my skin cleared up, I was sleeping better, and I had much more energy than usual and it just stuck! I really love(d) meat and cheese, but there’s so much delicious vegan food out there and meat and cheese are not worth feeling like crap all the time, you know? :)

    Some of my favorite sites:

    And there are tons more out there. Good luck!


    Mandy Reply:

     thanks for the links Cady! i can totally see myself doing it full blown at some point, but for now i’m taking baby steps. when i go full force on something like this i tend to go astray somewhere so i’d rather make small changes now and decide as i go, you know? i have noticed such a difference so far and am so glad we are making changes. excited to peruse your recs!


    Cady Reply:

    Baby steps are good! Whatever gets you feeling your best is what you should do. I’m glad you see a difference, it’s amazing what changing your diet can do. Hope you post on your progress! I have a zillion more links if you need them :)


  • Lintonamanda

    If you want a really funny book to read about being vegan, go get Skinny Bitch.  The title is silly, but the book is actually quite informative and has a list of grocery items to look for.  I also have Skinny Bitch in the Kitch (I know….title again…redic) which is loaded with awesome recipes. 


  • Elaine A.

    You’re gettin’ good, girl.  Now I need to look up this metering thing… there is just SO much to learn about cameras these days. 

    And I hear you on the hair cut.  K’s wasn’t nearly as long but I still got it cut 2 weeks ago because the tangles were getting out of control.  Have a great weekend. 


  • Bree

    Forks over knives= SO AWESOME! Yeah that weather was weird SNOW?!?!? wth? (I am also in the PNW) Great blog! I am a new follower.


  • Lee

    I don’t think Ive ever commented before, but and are good sites for veg recipes.


  • Maren

    I’ve been vegetarian/sometimes vegan for 10 years and THE BEST vegan recipes come from and from the cookbooks also written by the authors of that site.  Hands down.


    Yellowfinchdesigns Reply:

    completely agree ;) they have great recipes for baking!


  • Rachael

    I don’t comment often, but thought I’d mention this blog…  She has a 31 days to a better photo that I’ve been wanting to do forever!  Have a great weekend :)


  • Yellowfinchdesigns

    Wow! Great recommendations here!! i used to be vegan but now eat meat. i’m just very picky about what i eat and where it comes from. i don’t eat dairy though so i do use a lot of vegan recipes. i love this site: and when it comes to baking they have great recipes!


  • Anu

    I watched Forks over Knives last night and although I agree with most of it, I won’t be giving up animal products. We only eat chicken or seafood, no red meat. I buy our milk, eggs and chicken from a local farm and we eat seafood or chicken only twice a week. The rest of the week we eat vegetarian foods. I make one chicken last us a whole month!
    I think the major issue with veganism in the western world is that folks tend to replace their meat with soy. Please don’t do that. If you go the soy route, please ensure it’s organic. I’m from India and we have a huge population of vegetarians and even vegans and soy is virtually unheard of. Their diet mostly consists of grains, beans, plants, fruits and veggies, nuts and dairy (lots of yogurt).
    Kudos to you and your family for taking this step for your health. My daughter is a little bit younger than Harper..she’ll be 3 this May..eeep! She loves watching Harper’s vlogs :)