Vegan noms | Cold Thai Noodle Salad

Posted on | May 9, 2012 | 21 Comments

last month we missed a family event because all three of us were sick. my in laws stopped by to see us on their way out of town afterwards and brought with them a bunch of this delicious noodle salad that my sister in law and sent. it was amazing and i needed the recipe like my life depended on. luckily my sis in law is awesome and emailed it to me before i even had a chance to beg for it. i altered it a bit based on what i had on hand, but you can add shrimp and won ton strips for extra yum. make a big batch using all the noodles in the box and munch on it all week when the mood strikes. which it will. at all hours of the day and night.


box of rice noodles
1 cucumber
1 tomato
shredded carrots
toasted sesame seeds


1/3 cup rice vinegar
1/3 cup soy sauce
1 1/2 tsp sesame oil
juice from one lime
2 tbsp brown sugar
2 cloves minced garlic
red pepper flakes to taste

i think i’ve made it pretty clear i like easy recipes and this one is no different. prepare the noodles according to the package. while those are cooking, chop up your tomato, cucumber, carrots and cilantro. since i’m fully obsessed with trader joes, i use their pre-shredded carrots (also perfect for toddlers) and persian cucumbers. make your dressing in a jar with a lid, or whisk in a bowl like i did.

when your noodles are done cooking, rinse with cold water and drain be sure to drain really well because i’ve found with making any cold noodle salads if i don’t drain the noodles and just go about my business then the end result salad is really watery and it kind of takes away from the flavor of the dressing.

when your noodles are sufficiently drained, toss them all up with their new bff’s, the chopped veggies and dressing. chill for about an hour before eating if you can (which you can’t) and serve sprinkled with toasted sesame seeds. easy dinner and lunch for a few days!

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  • Catherine Alekna

    i saw this and immediately decided to make it. i am eating it right now!! om nom nom nom. soooo good!


  • Nani

    mmm I have to try this. I love that you post recipes like this it’s making me want to try new foods. 


  • momeinstein

    That looks so good! Pinning it!


  • dany sun

    i have a recipe similiar to this that calls for a light peanut-soy sauce and has snap peas and red peppers. delicious, just like this sounds. oh, and i’m obssessed with trader joe’s, too. there’s one less than two miles from me. sweet score. anyway, thanks for sharing!


  • Kayla

    Yumm! That looks delicious!

    xo Kayla


  • Carly Alary

    Using chopped peanuts on top would add an extra yumm and texture. I have a hard time resisting putting chopped peanuts on all of my noodle salads hahah.


  • Brittany Smith

    This looks amazing! I think I’ll give it a shot this weekend! Thanks for posting!


  • Ruthy T.

    asian noodle salads are my favesies…this one looks super easy!


  • Gina

    yum!  I am making this asap.  It would be extra yum with a tablespoon (or two) of all natural peanut butter mixed in the dressing…


    Heather Reply:

     Ooh, I’m going to try it that way!


  • Margara de la Cruz

    yum!! I love when u post recipes!! I always try them and they are delish!! :)


  • Kelly Ray

    Yuuu-um! It’s now on my grocery list :)


  • sarahracine

    This is happening. Today.


  • Renee DeGroat

    i haven’t even tried it yet, and I’m already thinking about it non-stop.  Probably found my dinner for tonight. Thanks!


  • Kristie

    This just may be my dinner tonight. Hubby needs meat, so grilled chicken on the side, but yum.


  • Stephanie Johnson

    Saw this on Pinterest, cant wait to make it!! Seems like the perfect summer dish! =) Thanks for the recipe!


  • Talking Thirty

    Oh yum, this looks delicious. I made a similar Asian-inspired cold noodle salad earlier this week and posted the recipe on my blog if you want to check it out. Can’t wait to try your recipe next! Thanks for sharing.


  • Breonna Roberts

    made this last night… AH-mazing. Many thanks, lady!


  • Katie

    This sounds amazing. Definitely putting it on my recipes I need to try list. Thanks for sharing, Mandy!


  • The Lone Home Ranger

    I had a girlfriend over for lunch, and we sent the kids to play while we chatted and ate this (with chopped avocado and peanuts on top). It was delicious, and she was very impressed! Thanks for the idea.


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