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Posted on | May 15, 2012 | 7 Comments

asdfghjkl! it’s hard to find more words right now so instead i just bang my head against the keyboard and hope you’ll all understand what i’m saying.

but i guess that won’t do. what i mean is THANK YOU. thank you to all of you who donated to the very worthy cause of March of Dimes and supported my team this year. saturday morning was our 3.5 mile walk. we all put on some hot pink, gathered our kids in strollers and hit the pavement. the weather was amazing!

my incredible teammates: ashley & arlo, fiona & elle, tracy & abby, my mama, chelsea & lily (and emily!), melissa & zoe & rowan & stella (and tim!), jill, chelsey, emily and sky (and josh!), stephanie & hunter (and Jesse!), carolyn & addie & portia, and not pictured Lindsy.

these ladies  were more than amazing this year. every time i called on them to try and get more donations, they came through. to the last minute they were all using their powers to get more people to give. the end result was a total of $3902 raised for March of Dimes and i’m blown away. all of this money will go towards helping premature babies, educating pregnant mothers, and giving support and resources to families with babies born too soon or with birth defects. a very noble cause indeed.

in the world of blogging and social media it’s all very ME ME ME. i can’t tell you how much i appreciate those of you who gave of yourselves, both in time and money. i’d hug you all if i could:

lena, jacquelyn, clarisse, delia, karen, jenna, maryam, amy s, ashley s, ruthy,katie t, kristi v, irene, kristin t, carolyn, bob and sharon, katherine b, trina, jennifer b, alyssa, sara b, suzanne, gregg, kristi d, rachel d, brittany e, meghan e, rachelle, jamie f, jenn g, sarah g, michelle g, lisa, andrea, addie, aliya, melissa j, toni, tracy k, sarah k, angie, jen m, lena, gina, linsdey, erin, arell, laurie, amy n.

thank you. thank you thank you THANK YOU.

i can only hope even more of you locals will join us next year and that we can bust through our record yet again in 2013.

and without further adieu, here are the winners of the raffle!

the goodknits doily blanket goes to Angie!
the set of changing the universe coasters goes to Lena!
the custom print from addigail designs goes to Katherine!
the custom illustration from the paper mama goes to Kristi V!
the upcycled hat set from CITL goes to Irene!
the love megan clutch set goes to Karen!
the pickles bake shop gift set goes to Andrea!
the heart by kerry artwork goes to Amy S!
the Lilypie shop credit goes to Jennifer B!
the quarter life luck shop credit goes to Suzanne!
the life’s candy shop credit goes to Alyssa!
the Jewel cd goes to Rachelle!
and the bird mobile from criswell creations goes to Kristi D!

congrats! i will be emailing you each personally. and a HUGE thank you to all the kind people who donated their products for such a great cause. <3

until next year my friends!

via the paper mama

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  • Kayla

    AWESOME! You all did so great!! That gif is too cute!

    xo Kayla


  • Andrea Hastings

    YAY! You guys did a great job!!!


  • Ruthy T.

    what a great group for a great cause!  I’d love to join you next year.  Unfortunately right now, walking up the street to my house is an effort at 6months!  (boy am i out of shape!)


  • Carolyn Kipper

    Love this post! Cant believe we raised so much $$!! Thanks for coordinating everything and just being overly awesome. I will definitely walk next year, but I’m leaving a couple kids at home, lol ;). Oh and can I share these pics on my blog??


  • Meghan

    Woo Hoo! Glad to hear you guys raised so much money!!


  • OTandET

    Go you guys! That is a seriously amazing amount of money you raised – so awesome! I’d love to join you all next year, for reals!


  • emily

    my heart just stopped when i saw that blanket on (harper?) in the stroller (top left).  i had it when i was a baby! was so sad to not be able to find it in my mommas attic when searching for my blankets to give to my little one