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Posted on | June 10, 2012 | 14 Comments

Sometimes you don’t want to step out. Sometimes you want to wear sweats and eat terrible delicious snacks, drink a bloody mary and watch Ryan Gosling before getting a full nights glorious rest. Harper stayed up way, way, way past her bedtime and before Drive (that was after she went to bed of course), we fully watched the Lala Loopsy movie as a family. Saturday night ftw!

This is what I wore. Hold your applause. Sweats, my comfiest sweater (because hi, it’s June in the PNW which apparently means CRAP weather), and sparkle TOMS strictly for the task of taking my dogs out to take a duece. Like my friend Jenna said when she saw this photo, I was just a large pair of glasses away from being Leslie Hall. She pretty much couldn’t be more right (and how did she know I was stretching for my dance moves?). Also, blind pug loves naps.

Since I’ve given you absolutely nothing to look at sartorial-wise in this post, please to be accepting my bloody mary recipe as  a consolation prize.

3oz Vodka
5 oz Mr & Mrs T’s Bold and Spicy mix
Squirt of Sriracha
A few dashes of Worcestershire
Squeeze of lemon
Salt & pepper rim
ALL THE VEGGIES – my faves: green olives, marinated garlic, pickled asparagus, pickled green beans, pickled carrots, celery

Scot likes horseradish in his. I’m not a huge fan usually, but it does add a nice kick. I’d like to state the obvious and say if you are in a position to acquire bacon salt? You should use that on the rim. I know, I didn’t even need to say that.

Happy weekend! Hope you are having a great one whether you stepped out or stayed in.

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  • April

    Oh, you’re so lucky to engage in adult activities!! I’d even drink that horid drink if I had any energy once the kids went to bed! ; )


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  • Claudia Guerreiro

    we are big fans of both staying in friday nights and bloodies but last night was neither. Lily also stayed up way past her bed time.


  • Shannon Heart’s

    That bloody mary looks ridiculously delicious!


  • Hilary@BabyMooHoo

    so glad we’re not the only ones who were totally in jammies and tucked in for an evening instead of out.  that bloody mary looks way yummier than the wine we enjoyed–next time, i’m going for it.


  • Staci @ Completely Strait

    Bravo on the fab Bloody Mary! Now my mouth is watering! Love your blog!


  • Katie Kurumada

    Super awesome outfit. I was thinking of Mary Catherine Gallagher when I saw this:)


  • michelle

    bacon salt!!!??? never knew of such a perfect food thing.


  • graceandstella

    mmmmm… bloody mary. next time youre in p-town lemme know i’ll take you to my favorite bloody mary place. 


  • Katie

    i’d almost always choose staying in and being in comfy clothes. :)


  • Mallorie Owens

    That outfit is how I look most Saturday nights, when Dave doesn’t have a show of course. :) And yessss, I’ve been waiting for that bloody mary recipe!


  • OTandET

    omg THANK YOU for reminding the world of Leslie Hall (minute 2:15 = best). Also, i saw that pic of you on instagram at the time and didn’t know the caption was ironic. So i don’t even know if that reflects badly on me or you? ha. me i think.


  • Jessica West

    Your totally rockin the sweats!


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