Craft/coffee/four might be neat?

Posted on | November 15, 2012 | 22 Comments

Last week Harper and I met a few friends for coffee. Rae runs a cool website/business called ARMOMMY (if you’ve been around a longgggg time, you might remember their cute labels and door bumpers) and she created a fun printable pack to entertain kids. She wanted to test out whether or not the project would work for moms meeting up with their kids in tow, so we hit up a cute coffee shop and let them go to town.

The project was a cute little cup wrap snowman for the kids to decorate. It’s a free printable over at her site, all you need is cardstock and sticker paper (or more cardstock and some glue – but for taking out and about the sticker paper is easier). Harper’s turned out kind of like a walrus/narwhal snowman guy? I don’t know…but it’s awesome.

Stacy was there to photograph the project for Rae’s site (Harper and I were just along for the crafty, scone-y, hot drinky ride) with her youngest Jack – who likes to kiss the ladies. Like, really get in there and kiss them.

So, there was that.

I think Scot’s exact words when I showed him the photo was, “NOPE”. Then he researched many guns online.

I’m not sure if it was the craft, the little friends to play with or what, but H was so great. Like, for an extended amount of time. I left thinking maybe all those people talking about 4 weren’t liars (not like those people who call the twos terrible – they are liars. THREE is where the terribleness happens). Maybe 4 is magic. I have hope for that, every day. Because while 3 had it’s ups, for the love of Paul Rudd, the downs made me drink.

This though, this is good. I like this cuddly little person who cleans up after herself without asking. Please stay, little polite snuggle lady! I like you. And ermagherd, WHAT are you doing with your precious little hands?!

p.s. Stacy is having a huge sale - locals, you don’t want to miss out on this 50% discount, I promise. 3 days only, ready go.

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  • thepapermama

    That just looks so fun. I want to go on a coffee date with you guys………

    ALSO, can you tell Scot something for me…. Thanks: I’m decorating the crap out of my home this weekend. It will be Christmas early. Yay Christmas! Woooo!


  • Colleen

    Lo-fricken-l. Nope! Seriously, dads and their girls. Love it.


  • michelle f

    that kissing picture… dead… i die. its so damn cute but I can totally understand Scot’s nope! haha


  • Erika

    oh my goodness, Harper’s first kiss! so glad that was documented. but yes, I would be dead like Scot. we MUST get dinner soon, deal??


  • Jessica

    Haha! Her little hands in that picture. :)
    Also, I want her pink shirt.
    Have a great weekend!


  • Kat

    4 is definitely where they pick up some empathy and stop behaving like tiny sociopaths and are totally fun people i love 4

    also i want crafts to do at coffee shops


  • RoselyC

    OMG Harper is just the cutest little girl. And beware she seemed really into the kiss lol.


  • molly

    My favorite thing is when you talk about age three. Because dear Lord, can I relate to that. Landon has been four for three months and really, it’s been so much better than three so far. I also heard four was better and it’s looking like they weren’t liars :)


  • TheSuburbExperiment

    I’m dreading the 3′s with our second. She’s already much more, uh, spirited than the oldest. And we’ll have a newborn in the mix by then too. What were we thinking? :)


  • Heather

    Ooooh my gosh Harper is gorgeous! That kiss though? Watch out!

    xo Heather


  • Briseidy Tijerina

    that cup is too cute, lovely pics


  • Nakia Kammerzell

    The busy pack is a great idea. I love it! And YES on the threes being terribly. I was actually mad at everyone I knew when we got past two and I learned that a two year old’s meltdown has nothing on a three year old’s.


  • Emily @

    LOVE Rae so much. I’m jealous you all live south. Sky will be 3 in one month and so far, he’s been a devil child for the last few weeks. I may become an alcoholic in the next year…


  • Meghan

    The kissing! Ahhhh, it’s killing me! And that that last picture of the 2 of you is adorable.
    Also, *la la la not listening about 3 yr olds i can’t hear you la la la *



    Oh my gosh! Their kiss, I just died!


  • Tanya

    So sweet! Looks like you had a blast!


  • jinglebellstime

    Very cute craft idea! Yep, it was the terrible 3s, 4s have been my favorite year so far!! ( new follower :)


  • Elaine A.

    He is did get IN there with that kiss, didn’t he!??! ha ha! And yeah, THREE is Hell. Four is awesome and five? even better. :-)


  • Kayla

    HAHA! Harper you have stolen a piece of my heart! What a cutie with that little pose- that kiss, wow! He did get right up in there! But she doesn’t seem very upset about that at all. Poor Scot.


  • Lindsay

    I just found your blog and I love it. Looking forward to reading more!


  • nicole

    Four is magic! I remember when Logan was three thinking, “dear god, is this how it’s going to be forever? I can’t do it!!” but he turned 4 and it was like a switch flipped. 4 is where it’s at!


  • Sara Stofferahn

    lol-erskates. I have a picture of Lilly kissing my friend’s son and my husband got SUPER pissed when he saw it. Dads are funny. (ps- don’t mind me creeping)