He fits right in.

Posted on | September 11, 2013 | 42 Comments

smith newborn web-106smith newborn web-104smith newborn web-103smith newborn web-111smith newborn web-112smith newborn web-114smith newborn web-118smith newborn web-119smith newborn web-116smith newborn web-120A huge thank you to my dear friend Stacy Jacobsen for coming to our home the week after Smith was born to capture some shots of our new family of four (+ Lulu).

Narwhal mobile was a gift from Baby Jives…I just die.

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  • beaktweets

    These are so great. His skinny little legs on the bed! Too much. And I love the ones of all four of you. So hard to capture and so special to have.


  • Alia

    you look great! a week after my son was born, I looked like a homeless crackhead. beautiful photos!!


  • JElle

    I, too, am dying over that narwahl mobile. I noticed it IMMEDIATELY. Also, like beaktweets, I LOVE his wrinkly knees. So cute. Congrats.


  • yunayuni

    Such a beautiful family you have there :) Your photos are so beautiful too, and photos of Smith and Harper makes me want another baby pronto :D


  • http://www.lesleywgraham.com/ Lesley Graham

    the narwhal mobile… too much! want that. love these photos of your beautiful family. smith is perfection!


  • http://www.kympiez.blogspot.com/ Kymmie

    You’re right. It’s like he’s always been there. Such beautiful photos. xx


  • Guest

    where is that rug from?


  • Nikki

    oh my gosh! these photos are amazing. what a lovely little family. congrats on the baby boy!! he is so cute (and so is your home!)




  • jess

    Your family is beautiful! I love these shots!Where did you get that picture made of Harper in yellow?


  • Hannah Garrison

    Gorg. I have a new boy and older girl as well! Magic and mayhem! I linked my birth story to yours :)



  • katiecitybebe

    oh my gosh those wrinkly knees!! he’s so so so so cute!


  • Jahje of Baby Jives

    That last picture kills me. Seriously most perfect family shot ever.


  • lilmuselily

    lovely shots. Harper needs to stop it with the cute animal dresses. and i know, h&m ;)


  • Kelley

    So much love! You all look great!


  • http://threeloudkids.com/ Stephanie R.

    He is so precious! Congrats again.


  • http://foxesinthegraveyard.blogspot.com/ Kelly Rae

    such lovely photos. Congrats on your lovely little one.


  • http://www.shieldswithakiss.blogspot.com/ Ashley

    So precious! I love these photos!


  • Sara Stofferahn

    love his wrinkly knees.


  • http://sparrowinspace.com/ Angela

    Is there anything cuter than baby burritos?


  • Emily

    Gorgeous photos, gorgeous family!! He is too much!


  • jen_schoeph

    as always…beautiful. congrats, again.


  • Robyn

    Swoon…I’m a little (lot) bit in love with your family. The storytime picture is divine.


  • Maria

    Lovely family! I also love the Narwhal mobile. Can you tell me where you got that dog statue? I feel I need one in my life. Thanks!


  • Alejandra Irigoyen Roca

    OMG!! Beautiful pictures, beautiful family!! Mandy, you should teach us who do you fix your hair!!


  • Sarah

    I will never be able to recreate the sound I made when I got to the photo of Harper kissing Smith with his knee wrinkles, but I assure you it was fantastic. I love everything about your little family!!


  • Katy Bremer Doran

    My goodness gracious, your babies couldn’t be any more beautiful! My ovaries are pretty much going ballistic.


  • http://petalandplume.blogspot.ca/ petal and plume

    so beautiful it makes my heart hurt!


  • Camille

    You have a very beautiful family! Your pictures are very good. and that mobile is to die for! I just found you on Bloglovin but seriously, I’m going to be doing a lot of backreading on your blog today. )


  • Amy

    These are beautiful! I need some advice- I didn’t have newborn pictures taken with my first, but we are planning to with my second (due in 10 days). How in the world did you manage to get everyone ready for pictures these great? You look amazing and I would love your help! Thanks in advance.


  • Nic

    Beautiful photos and family. Seriously!




  • Jasmine Jarvis

    Beautiful pictures! So happy for you and your family :)




  • Becca Lynn

    I cannot even. Not even even.


  • http://littlelabyrinth.com/ Amanda Keeys

    Awww! He is completely adorable. You guys look perfect all together.


  • Crystal



  • http://sparklestyle.net/ Crystal

    How sweet! You have an adorable family.


  • http://www.misselaineouslife.com Elaine A.

    So, SO beautiful!!


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