It’s time, y’all.

Posted on | November 10, 2013 | 89 Comments

1378452_10201570188189441_804269314_nI started this blog almost 5 years ago, when Harper was almost the exact age as Smith is right now. I wanted a place to drop all my thoughts about motherhood, share photos and stories with our family who couldn’t be here, and have a virtual baby book for my new daughter. It fulfilled my love for writing, introduced to me over time to some incredible people, and was just a fun hobby for me as a new stay at home mom who was pretty lonely. Blogging came into my life right when I needed it.

Over the years my blog grew, evolved, ebbed, flowed. I hit weird spots. I had opportunities come my way I couldn’t believe (or sometimes understand!) were being extended to me. Sometimes my head got big. Other times I felt small, in many ways. I tried lots of things, and I could because it was mine. I can quite literally say I met some of my very best friends because of this space. I was a stay at home mom and wife, but being Mandy from Harper’s Happenings was almost as big of a part of my life. I watched blogging change. More recently, the changes I’ve seen, coupled with the huge changes in my own life, have slowed this place to a stop. I have things to write, but no time to write them. Sometimes, the desire is missing, too. I’m just not sure about blogging anymore. I’m sure that has been apparent, with my absence here.

I’m not sure if there is an easy way to say you’re going to stop doing something that you once loved so much. It’s not like I have to “quit blogging”. The beauty of blogging is there aren’t too many rules. Can I open up my WordPress dashboard whenever I’d like and get going again? Of course. Do I think that scenario is going to happen anytime in the near future? No I don’t.

I told Scot a few weeks ago that I didn’t want to blog anymore. I felt a huge weight lifted immediately. That sounds so dramatic and douchey! and for that I’m sorry, but it’s true. This place has been a part of me nearly the entire time I’ve been a mother. I’ve loved sharing stories about my life so much. To say I don’t have the desire to really do that here anymore feels weird. I’m tired of stats, numbers, people trying to climb some invisible ladder to nowhere. It’s changed. I miss the old days. It’s time for me to stop for now.

There are so many of you who have invested your time in our life. Almost 5 years of an actual relationship formed. A relationship that can’t even really be labeled. Writer to reader? Sure. But it’s more than that. To me, it’s something special, and I can’t really thank you enough. For listening, for understanding, for laughing at my stupid jokes, for your emails, for telling me when I was being an idiot, for walking down this insane path with me. I can honestly say I wouldn’t be the person I am today without this blog. I just wouldn’t. It’s taught me a lot about myself (so much!), connected me with people I never would have had the pleasure of knowing. Given me crazy opportunities I never would have had. I was in a Levi’s commercial for fucks sake! Who does that.

My kids (!!!) are the center of my world. Harper is FIVE. Smith is almost 3 months old and time is flying. I know I will struggle with wanting to document this time, and I should probably save for his therapy bills since I wrote an entire blog about his sister for 5 years and then quit when he was born. Luckily there is Instagram, and as much as it blows that it’s basically replaced blogging, that is what I have time for right now. Small snippets of our everyday life. I feel better knowing I’ll have that documentation if I can’t have this blog. I’m @teammandy if you want to follow along over there. Lots of times I feel like Instagram feels like blogging used to – close knit, supportive, more reciprocating. Sharing a photo here and there takes minutes. Blogging, and what it has turned into, takes much, much more in both time and effort.

I’ve felt like closing this place up countless times over the years, but this time I know it’s the real deal. Being a mom to two little people who need me leaves me no time to keep it up. They deserve all of me for these short, short years where they are small. I don’t want to miss my opportunity, and I’m sure I will struggle with wanting to document it all vs. holding those memories in just for me. But they are all that matters. It will be over before I know it, and I refuse to let anything get in the way of being present with them.

Thank you all for everything. You – this place – will be missed.

Andy Cooper forever! And ever.


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  • Elaine A.

    I don’t know what to say, except that you need to do whatever you feel is best for you and your family. You will be missed in this space for sure. I always love your words and photos, Mandy. I am glad I got to know you and them through your blog. I will continue to follow on Instagram and glad I can see your little ones AND you there. Much love to you as you take this leap. ONWARD! :D xoxo


  • Kylee – Two Pretzels

    OH hug. I commend you for your decision. And I’m glad you felt a weight lifted. Life’s too short to feel unnecessarily obligated.

    I’ll miss your voice, but am happy to following along with you on IG.

    I wish you ALL of the best in the ENTIRE UNIVERSE.

    Thanks for being awesome. For making me laugh and cry and smile and for being so flippin’ relatable.

    Kylee –
    TwoPretzels (on IG)


    ky Reply:

    (Ignore my grammar errors. I am happy to BE following along with you on IG.)


  • Amber Gregory

    Oh, my heart is sad! But when you know, you know — <3


  • Rachel H

    You will be missed! Your blog was one of the very first blogs I ever consistently read. I’ll follow you on Instagram.


  • Rachel Devine

    Glad to have met you here! See you on Instagram!


  • Kiki

    You. Are. Amazing. I’ve loved reading this blog over the past four years and will miss reading your stories, mama. Go forth and be mommy! Be well and happy.


  • Martha Metzler

    this is why i love you: I’m tired of stats, numbers, people trying to climb some invisible ladder to nowhere. It’s changed.

    proud of you sister


  • thenikblogs

    Well dang, lady. You said it. It’s your truth, go with it. You’ll be missed here for sure. I’m happy you’re sharing on Instas and I know I’ll keep hearting the fucks out of all those shares. Until the next thing we all move to. Be brave and good like I know you are. <3


  • Emily Embler

    Mandy, you will be sorely missed. You have such an amazing voice that you have cultivated here, and I have enjoyed sharing in your world even the littlest bit. I wish for you and Scot and Harper and Smith all of the happiness in the world! Godspeed lady!


  • MommyNamedApril

    sorry to see you go, but i totally get it! look forward to keeping up with your family on instagram :-) xo


  • Laura K

    Well…shit. I’m sorry you’re leaving blogging behind–your blog is one of my very favorites–but at the same time, I totally get it. You have a unique voice, and wonderful kiddos, and I’m glad for the peek inside that one time when you blogged. Good luck to you!


  • nicole dorizio

    Oh girl, I’ll miss you!! I really related to you/this blog so much. Thanks for sharing your life and beautiful littles for these past 5 years


  • Lacey Horst-Thomas

    as sad as i am to see you go, you’ve gotta do what’s right for you. and hey, at least we’ve got ig. i am such a fan of your love of writing and how evident that is when you do write and look forward to your little snippets of that on ig. all the best to you and your family!


  • Alys

    So sorry to see you go but completely understand the decision. Its hard to make big calls like that but you have to do the best that you can for yourself and your family and I wish you well. I will miss you though


  • Kim

    You are the real deal. I has been so appreciated, and that continues right now. And I completely agree with your reasoning – in fact, I did the same thing when my 2nd came along, for all the same reasons.

    Stay genuine, have fun <3


  • Scarlett

    I have followed you since the bump…before it was the bump and just before you had Harper. I’ve laughed and cried at your blog posts, and have most enjoyed watching your family go through the ins and outs of life. I have agreed with you, and disagreed, though I’ve never commented on a post until now. I even was a customer of your store a couple of years ago. To say you will be missed is an understatement!

    I hope you enjoy this time with your family. As a mom to two little people myself, I completely understand your decision…this time is amazing, but fleeting. I wish the best and many many blessings to you and your sweet family!


  • Sarah []

    I’ve read your blog off and on over the years and wish you all the best. I think all bloggers know who Mandy of Harper’s Happenings is, especially your infamous “Steppin’Out” link up which I never participated in because I am of the fashionably challenged ;)


  • Janelle D

    I’ll miss your musings here, but it sounds like you’re more than ready to move on. To growing!


  • Katie

    golly gee, mandy! While I understand, I will say that this post made me cry. Seriously. There was literally water falling from my eyes. I know it has really been a long time since you have written but I am going to miss your face and stories in the blog world. you have been one of my favorites for years and one of the few bloggers that I have felt has always been incredibly real and genuine. I totally get it though. Go enjoy these precious years with your little kiddos. We’ll miss you!


  • nannersp

    So sad to see you go, but I TOTALLY get it. I’m currently in a limbo state of blogging myself. Feels like a bit of a chore, and that’s not what blogging is supposed to be. xoxo


  • On My Way To Health

    I started following your blog about 2 years ago and have loved every post! I’m sad to see you go but totally understand! Good luck with everything!


  • TheNextmartha

    You’re the best. Happy for you, a little sad for the internet. Can’t wait to see what happens over on IG


  • possum

    I have only followed you for about 6 months, but have read countless posts from the archives. I love your humour and the downt to earth and true way in which you look at the world. I have not got any kids yet, but you have been a complete inspiration for the kind of mum I’m hoping to become. Thank you, and I will miss this blog!


  • Megan Hanson

    Ok. So…thanks for making me cry. I have actually read your blog since I was incubating my girl who is turning four in two weeks. I read all of…three “mommy blogs” routinely and only commented once in a rare rare occasion (in the case of “the Haps” I participated in your holiday charity endeavor and also…bought your Nikon!!!). But damn if I found that you wrote things my heart was feeling, made me feel both inspired and also less lonely-ish and also like…hey if we live in the same zip code we could totally go on Starbucks dates with our ladies. I will follow on the IG and miss your more wordy space. Best of luck to the rad Morrison clan.


  • Kara Motts

    You were one of my favorite bloggers and an early inspiration to me when I started “mommy blogging” in 2010. You have always been authentic, funny and intelligent in this space and I appreciated all your posts about what motherhood meant to you.

    Thank you for creating a corner of the internet that was encouraging and kind. There are so few places that are like that anymore.



  • Kelly Baron

    Thanks for taking the time to share all this with us over the years. You have given us one of the funniest and realest blogs out there, and I loved every minute of it, but now I’m glad you get to love every minute of your newest addition! Good for you. I’ll be sure to follow you on Instagram.


  • Emily

    Sorry to see you go, but as a mother to a five year-old and five month-old myself, I totally get it. I will miss your wit and humor, but most especially your fantastical photo-taking-skillz. Am now following you on IG!


  • heather mcdowell

    i found your blog, and impossibly gorgeous little harper, when i was on maternity with my wee baby daughter. i was a hot mess, nursing was a disaster of all sorts and i was feeling like a girl all alone, with many many questions and curiosities about how to go about making this motherhood thing happen. your blog was hilarious and honest and full of the same confusion and wonderful that i was going through and it’s meant so so much to me. it feels terribly lame to feel like i know you but i do. i’m proud of you for going five years. i tried a copycat start up and made it like three weeks. blogging isn’t for the savagely lazy. and i’m proud of you for stopping. i will miss your blog, your cool style, your hilarious stories. i hope you enjoy your time with your beautiful wee ones. my little baby, the one that threw me for so many loops, just turned one. she’s wonderful and confusing and i’m savagely in love with her.


  • Mrs. Burks

    I completely get it. I’ve been blogging for over 10 years (LiveJournal what what!) and it’s become a completely different animal. Most days I feel like everything has already been said, and I risk becoming one of those bloggers who just chronicle events instead of writing actual thoughts on real topics. I’ve enjoyed reading your thoughts for the past 5 years and wish you and your beautiful family all the best. See you around Twitter and Instagram!


  • janette

    I totally understand, but I also feel the need to drown myself in oreos after our breakup. Ultimate sadness. You will be missed!


  • Jennifer

    I’m gonna miss reading. I’ve loved following you and knowing that I’m not alone in this crazy life called motherhood. Thanks for sharing so much with us! See you over on instagram!


  • Alex

    Despite having followed you for years, I’ve never commented before. I don’t read many blogs, and especially not mommy blogs (not a mom, never intend on being a mom). Your writing has always been the blog I most looked forward to reading – your wit, ingenuity and veritably are inspiring. Your voice will be missed.


  • Eva

    Aw man! I just got here today, and I miss you already… I’m gonna go catch up on the 5 years that I missed. Enjoy your time with your family! :)


  • Leigh

    I will miss this! It was such a a great at way to keep tabs on you guys and see darling/wild and crazy Harper grow. And also to know what I was in for with Stella! You know you have a gift my dear and hopefully you create something with the same magic later on when the timing is right. All the best to you guys. Xo -leigh


  • Sarah Halstead

    Eeekkk. So sad to see you go. Seems like I have seen a lot of my favorite bloggers leaving the blogging world. I will still follow you on IG and follow your cute little life.


  • bizziemomma

    Well I have to tell you this post is understandable but disappointing. I stumbled on your blog today. As I usually do I poked around, I became more and more interested. Actually right away I was inspired. I just had to say what you have created is great. I wish luck to you and your family! Hope to find something as good.


  • Vanessa

    Mandy. This kills me. Every time that I saw that you had written a new post, I knew I would laugh and nod along and in general be better off for it. Still, I understand why you’re leaving the “blogosphere” (god knows I have been thinking about doing the same). I’ll see you on Instagram, girl.

    P.S. Thanks for inspiring me to take photos of myself Steppin’ Out back in the day. It was a good way to force some family photos when normally we wouldn’t have any!


  • mamakatslosinit

    I’d like to file an appeal….


  • Alison Stroot

    Bye bye momma! Will miss your whit most of all! Good luck to you and your sweet family in all you do!


  • Melanie

    As a new mom of two, I think I understand some of why you are leaving, but I too am sad to see you go. Of all the “mom blogs”, yours felt honest and always made me laugh. Your family is beautiful and you have a talent for writing and connecting. Thanks for sharing.


  • Sarah

    At first, I felt exactly like I was being broken up with. I’ll miss your posts, Mandy, but you’re doing the right thing if you’re just not feeling it anymore. Catch you on the twitters <3


  • Catherine Alekna

    Thank you for writing such an interesting and entertaining blog – your definitely not like the typical Mummy bloggers and as a non-baby having person I like that. Your kids are super adorable and I can fully understand why you would want to spend time with their cutsie little faces more often. I have a sewing machine and a boyfriend that I should probably spend more time with but they’re ok. Kids are different and need food and boo-boos made better with kisses. I’m already following you in IG so I look forward to having my ovaries killed over and over on a daily basis by all the super adorbs photos you post. Its weird cause I’m a stranger from a far away land writing this but whatevs, enjoy yourself and your kids!


  • guyanesesista

    You will be missed but family comes first. Wishing you the best.


  • Lee

    I’m not a big commenter, but I do enjoy your blog. You’ll be missed!


  • Mandy

    I’m going to miss the hell out of your awesome writing, but I know what you mean – I’m starting to feel as if Instagram is my new blogging platform as well. Do whatever works for you, girl!


  • amy

    So sad! I loved your posts, but I get it. Totally following you on Instagram. Best wishes to you and your sweet family.


  • Amanda M.

    I think the fact that you had to write a blog post, explaining why you are no longer going to be writing – just goes to show how different the whole blogging thing is. You will be missed….


  • Lynn

    aww man… I literally just found your blog a few months ago and have loved reading it in that short time! But I understand not having time for it… I feel that way too and I have a grand total of zero children. I don’t know how people with kids keep up with it all… I feel like I have no time to do anything and all I have to worry about is my job and 2 dogs. Anyway, I will definitely miss your blog! I guess I’ll have to start reading from the beginning ;) Wishing you all the best!


  • Jen

    Ah shit! You are one of my favorites for sure but I’ll keep to following you on Instagram and hope for your return someday(year). Keep on keepin on sista. You are a great mom!


  • DG

    “I’m tired of stats, numbers, people trying to climb some invisible ladder to nowhere. It’s changed. I miss the old days.”

    This is why my old blog dissolved into nothing and why my current one is only written as a time capsule of photos for my daughter.

    I feel you here, I’ll be a forever follower, wherever you go, just know you’re supported and loved. Even from those you’ll never know personally.


  • Katie

    Looong time reader here…there will be a big giant hole in the internet now, but your heart will be full of things that truly please you. And THAT is what matters. See you on IG until we all ruin that and move on, too lol.


  • Emily Peck

    I totally get it. Hoping we can hang out IRL sooner rather than later! Love you Mandy!


  • CG

    Nooooooooo! This is my favourite blog! In all seriousness though, good for you for doing what makes you happy. Catch you on instagram and twitter (I sincerely hope you’ll keep doing the first and last day of school photos because of all the stuff on here I can see Harper loving that the most when she’s older).


  • Charlotte

    Its my first comment, doh! Should have done one sooner. I will miss your lovely blog, but totally understand how much time it must take up. Have a lovely, lovely time with your babies ;) xxx


  • Amber P

    Yours was the first blog I found when I discovered I was pregnant with my now 4 year old. I had no mommy friends and had no one to talk with about all those crazy new mom moments. I could always count on you to have experienced it just before me and I loved you for it. You made it easier for me, you helped show me that I wasn’t nuts and that yes, it’s perfectly normal for your child to know Cee Lo Green songs by heart…I’ve never commented, but I always felt like I was checking in with one of my best friends whenever I came to your blog (almost daily). Thank you for inspiring me to be the mommy I am today. My daughter is obsessed with narwhals and there is really only one person to blame for that! ;) Off to stalk you on instagram now. xoxoxo


  • Jackie

    Well, phooey. That just happened.

    I am not a blogger myself, just a simple reader that tries to drop in on occasion and search out those moments of laughter, giggles, and wisdom that see me through the day-to-day grind of work, wifeness, and mamahood.

    But who am I kidding- I LOVE your blog! I have followed your family for so long and I will miss it terribly. You are crazy funny lady!

    I get it. I really do. But I will miss you internet friend I have never met. Have fun with those beautiful babes.


  • Kate Hager

    i have loved reading your blog, but am happy to continue following along on instagram. i totally agree that it’s the new blogging. kudos to you for doing what’s right for you and your adorable kids!


  • Jocelyn

    I know you’ve probably received a TON of comments just like mine… but here it goes anyway.

    I’ve been reading your blog for at least three years. I also follow you (like a stalker?) on Twitter and Instagram. And while I kinda get it about how blogging has changed and why you’re not going to do it anymore, I just want want to say I’ll really miss your voice on the Interwebz. You seem so genuine, loyal and honest. You’re a great mama. And it sounds like you have a lot of fun with your husband, girlfriends and your mama.

    Even though we’re probably not super similar (at least on paper or appearances), I feel like if you lived in Austin (or I lived in the PNW), we’d be the kind of friends that got together for play dates once or twice a year while drinking Blood Marys. And I say only once or twice a year because life is busy… and you don’t have to see a friend often in order for them to actually be a good friend.

    Harper (and Smith) are the cutest, and I look forward to continuing to follow your adventures on other forms of social media.

    But please know… you will be missed!!

    P.S. My son turns 4 in December, and I’m pregnant with a daughter due in February. I look forward to gaining wisdom from you throughout the spring! :-)


  • Kristine Miller

    Your writing is beautiful as is your life. Maybe you’ll return once in a blue moon to record something for yourself and for your family. But even if you don’t, you have left the world a better, more beautiful place for what you have written. Thank you for sharing your life!


  • Camella

    Mandy, your blog has been such a fun space on the internet. I will truly miss your updates on your beautiful kiddos. Definitely still going to follow on Instagram. Thank you so much for sharing a piece of your life with us! Rock on, lady!


  • steph nelsen

    i love your instagram feed and am happy to still keep up with things over there. i will miss your gift for all things written and knowing exactly where to throw down the word “fuck” – a well placed curse is a rare skill. if you ever guest post anywhere or take writing into some other career path (which you definitely have the talent for) please let it be known!!


  • Christina

    I’ve followed your blog for a few years now but I think this is the first time I’ve commented. You will be missed. I have loved following your journey and wish you all the best!


  • Kristi

    I would always skip over other posts in my Reader to get to yours first, because I knew that it, whatever it was, would make me smile. You will be missed.


  • Nic

    sad to see you leave!!!


  • blackandwhiteandlovedallover

    Nooooooooo!! Don’t go!! Going from a mom of one kid to two is HARD. But it does get easier. And don’t think that you have to be an awesome-or-nothing blogger. Just blog when you feel inspired. I’mma hold out hope that you’ll return here one day sooner than you expect :) You have a gift and a wonderful, special voice that needs an outlet.


  • Dot

    oh man. i don’t comment on blogs. it’s not my thing. but gosh! i’ve enjoyed reading your blog so much since i discovered about 2 years ago. your hilarious commentary on parenting will be missed!


  • Danielle

    MANDY! I never get to see all my IG pics in a day (we need more hours for these sorts of things), so I just saw your recent “thank you” one and had to hop over to see what was up. Man oh man…I’m super sad to see you go but I so get it, and I’m really happy for you. And proud of you too! You gotta do what you gotta do, and just the fact that you felt a weight lifted…that’s awesome. I just wanted to say you will be missed, and how much I’ve enjoyed reading your words. You’re funny, you’re real, and you always brought a fresh voice to your writing. I think it’s so cool that our boys are so close in age (even though mine actually ISN’T 3 months yet…haha…), but I’m happy there’s still IG. Sending you a huge hug, and a big ole kiss on your cheek, sister. <3 <3


  • Brit

    Mandy, just last week I posted a photo on IG of three people from the PNW that I follow and this is what I wrote about you… “A mommy/ blogger who I am inspired by daily; she is extremely transparent and strikingly authentic. She also has the most adorable children.” I found your blog right after I was accepted into grad school and my husband and I decided to move to Kirkland (from California). I instantly fell in love with your blog and your candidness. Although I have never met you, I felt I was no longer moving to a place where I didn’t know anyone. Unexpectedly, I have also been completely inspired by you, a complete stranger! Just as you have always been an authentic blogger, I admire your honesty with yourself, blogging was a season and it is time for a new one… but go forth knowing that you have impacted people and you will be missed! So enjoy your family, for you are truly blessed!<3 I'll be seeing you on Instagram!


  • ThriftyVintageKitten

    You’ll be missed. Your humor cracked me up regularly! See you on Instagram!


  • Wendy

    Well, fuck! Sad to see you go. You will be missed. All the best to you and your sweet family.


  • Candice

    Thank you for sharing your wit and perspective. I have truly appreciated your honesty about parenting struggles as a new mom myself. Thanks for helping us all feel normal through the crazy! :)


  • Crystal

    Aww…I’m sorry to see you go. Thanks for all that you’ve shared. I’ve enjoyed stopping by. As a mom myself, I totally understand. Best wishes to you and your family!


  • MB

    I am so sad to see you go, I truly enjoy your words and your humor, thanks for sharing your wonderful gifts with all of us. I know I will be checking back here every once in awhile in hopes that you might feel the urge to write again. Best of luck, in all that you do.


  • Chelsea Covington

    I just found your blog today and I love it. So sad to see you go, but I completely understand why you are. Good Luck!!


  • Melissa

    I’m sure I’m repeating what’s been said, but I’ll say it anyway! :) You rock all sorts of beats and I have loved coming to your site and finding a new post. You always made me laugh and were a good mom friend when I was in the trenches and had no one to relate to (lived abroad, had babies there, hubby was traveling/working,!) and appreciate your honesty. I found you through Morgan/Jill/Blair back in the day and you all kept me sane. I love your voice and that you just type how you probably talk. Congrats on your decision. Couldn’t agree more on all points and will keep up with you on IG. You have a beautiful fam and thank you for sharing them with us these past 5 years. it’s a pleasure to “know” you and Harper…though you never know when you might come back?! I’m hoping it’s for her teenage years.


  • Aimee Stovall

    Well I suppose all good things must come to an end ♥ Thanks for keeping it real Lady! I discovered your blog as a new mom 4 years ago and have stayed tuned in ever since. As my daughter has grown from baby to preschooler, following your posts, pictures, and humor have brought me comfort when parenting this tiny human got tough. Your thoughts and humor made me feel like I wasn’t alone and that I could definitely laugh at myself and at life when needed instead of stressing about everything. Thanks for sharing your life & family. I’ll continue to follow you on IG. You & your family are an inspiration to us all!


  • Suzanne

    TOTALLY get it. I shuttered mine last December. Lasted three months before I started a new one. I really missed the writing/documenting of life/community. I get to it when I can, which isn’t often, but it feels good when I do.

    Now I’m trying to figure out what to do about Twitter. Just don’t love it so much, but feel weirdly guilty for not paying it any attention.

    You’re right: blogging is most definitely not what it used to be. I’m just so grateful it helped us cross paths waaaaay back in 2010. :)



  • Laura

    Sad to see you go, as a mum to be I have been reading your blog to help myself know what I’m in for. Thank you for sharing your good times and wisdom with us all and I hope you have fun in your next chapter with your babies. Good luck and goodbye! xxx


  • Angela scott

    Oh this makes me sad. I enjoyed reading your blog and seeing cute outfits. You will be missed.


  • catbye

    Never commented on a blog before, but I’ve been reading about your Harper (I’ve got one too, she’s FOUR!) for almost as long as I’ve been a Mom… so many of your posts helped me through my first months/years as a Mom. You have a true gift, to be able to articulate so much of what it feels like to be a Mom (the good, bad and the goofy). Best of luck on your new adventures… hope to run into you some day (we’re in Seattle too). :-)


  • Sara

    Damn, I just found your blog. But power to ya! I relate 110% on the call. I just decided this past holiday season to stop making/selling my top item (beeswax crayons in the shape of fat kittens) to start blogging. When you quit something, you just make way for something else to manifest. Lots of good wishes to your future endeavor!


  • Girl Nesting

    Beautiful reflection on your 5 years of blogging…I feel like I am where you were when you started…Blogging came to me at the right time..:) If you get a sec, please check out my blog Girl Nesting.
    I have just discovered your blog and it’s really beautiful! Thank you for sharing your journey with all of us!


  • Girl Nesting

    I couldn’t wait to comment because I felt a connection to your writing! I went back to read the rest and I’m so sad to see you’re not going to be writing anymore…are you sure? There’s so much more I want to hear and I just got here…I understand the juggle and the need for rest. I will enjoy reading your older posts… Remember, you can always come back – there are no rules except the ones we make up for ourselves. xo!


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