Craft/coffee/four might be neat?

Posted on | November 15, 2012 | 22 Comments

Last week Harper and I met a few friends for coffee. Rae runs a cool website/business called ARMOMMY (if you’ve been around a longgggg time, you might remember their cute labels and door bumpers) and she created a fun printable pack to entertain kids. She wanted to test out whether or not the project would work for moms meeting up with their kids in tow, so we hit up a cute coffee shop and let them go to town.

The project was a cute little cup wrap snowman for the kids to decorate. It’s a free printable over at her site, all you need is cardstock and sticker paper (or more cardstock and some glue – but for taking out and about the sticker paper is easier). Harper’s turned out kind of like a walrus/narwhal snowman guy? I don’t know…but it’s awesome.

Stacy was there to photograph the project for Rae’s site (Harper and I were just along for the crafty, scone-y, hot drinky ride) with her youngest Jack – who likes to kiss the ladies. Like, really get in there and kiss them.

So, there was that.

I think Scot’s exact words when I showed him the photo was, “NOPE”. Then he researched many guns online.

I’m not sure if it was the craft, the little friends to play with or what, but H was so great. Like, for an extended amount of time. I left thinking maybe all those people talking about 4 weren’t liars (not like those people who call the twos terrible – they are liars. THREE is where the terribleness happens). Maybe 4 is magic. I have hope for that, every day. Because while 3 had it’s ups, for the love of Paul Rudd, the downs made me drink.

This though, this is good. I like this cuddly little person who cleans up after herself without asking. Please stay, little polite snuggle lady! I like you. And ermagherd, WHAT are you doing with your precious little hands?!

p.s. Stacy is having a huge sale - locals, you don’t want to miss out on this 50% discount, I promise. 3 days only, ready go.

DIY Art and a few pieces of our home.

Posted on | October 10, 2012 | 26 Comments

It’s not that I’m trying to be sneaky or do some big reveal of our house – it’s just that this is all we have unpacked. If you’d like to see pictures of stacks of boxes I want nothing to do with, I’d be happy to provide. But for now here are a few pictures of things outside of boxes.

Yesterday Harper and I made some art on canvases. I found a big one at Michaels, and they were 40% off so I grabbed one (canvases are expensive!) and 2 small ones for H. She used 3 different colors (Martha Stewart Hydrangea Purple, Pollen and Metallic Gold) and circle sponge brushes to create her polka dot art.

While she did that, I set out with 3 packs of 2″ vinyl letters and my canvas. I measured each line out with pencil and laid out my song lyrics. After those were all stuck on and pressed down (hard),  I did 2 coats of Martha Stewart Arrowhead, let it dry for about half an hour and then removed the letters carefully. I originally saw this on Pinterest via ABM. I recommend dabbing the paint on around the letters with a sponge brush instead of a regular brush to avoid bleeding the paint. Then tada! A huge piece of art for less than $20. Michaels regularly has 40% off coupons, so keep your eye out for those.

I’ll share more as we get settled. Harper’s room has been so fun – she is so happy here and tells us regularly how much she loves her new house. It’s been a crazy month or so for her, so to hear often how happy she is is the best feeling.

Miniature Mounted Menagerie! Also known as, I’m obsessed with tiny plastic animals.

Posted on | September 11, 2012 | 115 Comments

Do you think of things you could make with tiny plastic animals while you’re in the shower? If the answer is no, then I congratulate you on your life. But if so then come join me in Bananaville won’t you?

As it always is, Pinterest is to blame for this nonsense. I’ve seen drawer pulls, magnets, jar toppers, even planters made out of these toys (the larger ones of course). Last year I made a dinosaur terrarium for Harper and this time I wanted something for myself. Or you know, the living room. This is what my brain came up with and it’s easy and pretty cheap.

Ready, go!

The most time consuming part of this project was cutting the animals in half (so excited to see the Google search terms come in on that one). Seriously, be careful with that. If anyone has any tips on doing this easily, I’d love to hear them (maybe a Dremmel tool?).  Once the animals are all halved (I bought mine at Target in the party favor section for like, three dollars), spray paint them. I used Rust-oleum Metallic in Gold, and I picked it up at Home Depot for about six bucks. I’m kind of in love with it and am currently searching for more things to randomly paint.

I bought my frame at Target for $16, and used a white piece of cardstock to adhere my animals to. I put the glass of the frame behind the paper and matte so that I had a hard surface to work on (and it keeps everything nice and tight once you put the frame back together. That way later when you decide gold animal taxidermy is weird you can use the frame again as intended). I simply marked out where I wanted my tiny friends and used my glue gun to adhere them. Done!

Dinosaur Terra/Aquarium.

Posted on | January 23, 2012 | 30 Comments

last week my friend Chelsey posted the cutest paper terrarium on her blog. i’ve been seeing terrariums everywhere and am loving them all. the levi’s store in SF had HUGE amazing ones and all i could think was “i could never keep that alive”. i still want to (try to) make a few live ones, but in the meantime i had to make Chelsey’s completely impossible to kill paper one.

my apothecary jar i wanted to use was too small for the bunting and Harper wanted one for her room and she loves dinosaurs. a trip to the dollar store, some painting and arranging later, the dinosaur terra/aquarium was born and sitting on her shelf. Harper said it looks like an aquarium/fish bowl and since it’s not alive, we are calling it both. because you do what a three year tells you.

besides, a fish is the last thing i need around here. plastic dinosaurs live foreverrrrr!

bonus – this fulfills two of my must-do-soon crafts: terrarium and painted plastic animals. unfortunately, it only made me want to paint more plastic animals and create more terrariums.

i bought the moss and dinos at the dollar store, the paints i already had (but were less than 2 bucks a pop) and i picked up the fish bowl at goodwill for a dollar. Chelsey’s printout was free (if only printer ink was!) so in the realm of cheap crafts? ::insert YOU ARE HERE arrow:: in hindsight, the only thing i’d do differently is splurge (heh) on the moss and buy it at Michaels. the dollar store moss isn’t very green.

do any of you own a real live terrarium? give it to me straight – are they easy to maintain? or should i stick to neon and gold children’s figurines in a bowl – which oddly i’d be ok with?

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