WA Bloggers for Babies 2013 | Success!

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We did it! With the help of my incredible team and so many of you, the 2013 Bloggers for Babies team walked this past Saturday proudly knowing we not only reached our big goal but surpassed it. What a great feeling. Despite the rain, it was a fantastic morning and I can’t thank everyone who was involved (in any way!) enough.


Each year my team grows bigger and bigger and I can’t wait to see how this keeps growing. In 2010, my mom, Harper and I walked together and that is when I decided I would make a team out of local bloggers the following year. In 2011, 12 of us plus our babes and a few husbands headed out for the walk and raised $2400. In 2012, 12 of us plus more babes and more husbands did the walk in the sunshine wearing hot pink and raised $3900 for March of Dimes. I was blown away last year. This year proved to be even more amazing.

On Saturday, 20 of us, plus tons and tons of babies, toddlers, husbands and family members walked in the kind of really gross rain after raising a whopping $6870 dollars for March of Dimes. To say I’m proud of these people, proud to know so many of you who are willing to donate, proud to be part of something so cool, is an understatement. Each and every one of these ladies on my team are people I know because of this space. This blog has brought me many things over the years. I am really proud of this one. To see people come together and raise money for a great cause, deal with my constant “pep talks”, and show up early in the morning from all over the area with their kids ready to walk is pretty damn amazing.

MoD2013This year we had an extra special team member who was there in the form of purple (MoD’s color!) baby carriers and mini doll carriers for our toddlers – Ergobaby. I have been working with them on some other things recently, and I asked if they would be interested in donating an Ergo to my yearly raffle to raise money. Their response? Yes! And how about also we send along Ergos for all the baby carrying mamas and any little ones who want to carry their lovies? My face was like O_O as you can imagine. So generous. Needless to say, we were a sight to behold, and there were many very happy babies and kiddos that day. Can’t thank Ergo enough.


Each day for the past couple of weeks now, I’ve been opening emails from MoD when a donation comes in. Many of you donated, and donated a lot. My personal goal was set at $1000 and I finished at $1670. You guys came through so hard and every time I opened one of those emails I was so happy to have you all here. It seems just about everyone is touched in some way by what the March of Dimes does and I couldn’t be more grateful for your support each time I do this. Thank you all!

Without further ado, here are the winners of the raffle! If you see your name here, keep your eyes out from an email from me – I’ll be putting you in touch with the person in charge of getting you your awesome prize!

The Ergo goes to: Kerri Green!
The Onesie of the Month Club goes to: Harper Herdeman!
The Little Hipsqueaks $50 credit goes to: Maggie Jantzen!
The Ruche $50 credit goes to: Jessica Thomas!
The Narwhal cozy from Life Geekery goes to: Jennifer Webster!
The mask from Opposite of Far goes to: Hanan Webster!
The $30 credit to Yarn Bombed Antlers goes to: Olivia Vasquez!
The Umi Sling goes to: Jessica Romito!
The city and state necklace from GlassCast goes to: Elise Nelson!
The print from Nole & Paper goes to: Kara Higgins!
The crocheted narwhal hat from Jess Judkins goes to: Lisa Cherry!
The $25 to spend at Quarter Life Luck goes to: Kaitlin Deckard!
The earrings from Elladolce go to: Tracy Euler!
The cowl from Sarahnade Shop goes to: Amy Sleep-Kelly!
The 5 winners for a block set from Littlest Lulu are: Maegan Murphy, Bethany Aldecoa, Renata Ramclam, Marissa Waters and Kristi Van Wormer!
The year subscription to the Monthly Spread goes to: Andrea Rynders!
The $30 to spend at Peach State Yarnworks goes to: Carrie Thayer!
The gift pack and $25 to Stars Appearing goes to: Nikki Lawson!
The instant nursery from Lishyloo Vintage goes to: Michelle McDonald!
The $20 to Up a Tree Cup of Tee goes to: Emily Moyer!
The five winners of the Bullshit stamp from Future Primitive are: Geri Thyholt, Amy Norton, Henna Pryor, Amanda Kippert, and Toni Kessler!
The Mother/daughter bootsocks go to: Nanette Marcus!
The custom portrait from Peanut Gallery goes to: Diana La Counte!
The infinity scarf from Teeny Tiny Bows goes to: Malisa Lieser!
The petite Posters and cards from Type A go to: Jessica Coughlin!

Thank you to ALL the fabulous people who donated items for the raffle. I appreciate you so much!

I hope to see even more of you locals next year as team members and I look forward to setting (and MEETING) a $10,000 goal for March of Dimes. !!!

Until next year, mah friends.

Oh, hey.

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hello510Oh right, my blog. Hello WordPress dashboard! Hello the five of you who still come around to see if I’ve died or not! But seriously. Where have I been? The answer is nowhere exciting. Just kidding we are living the GLAMOROUS life over here. Just kidding again. Life is normal.

I can’t be the only person who feels like it was JUST the beginning of the year and now suddenly it’s half way through May? It’s very scary. Mostly because I’m not ready for legitimately anything coming up in our lives soon (oh a baby is going to exit my nether regions in 3 months? Do we need stuff for that?) and also because the child pictured above is all big and reading words and writing words and making jokes that are ridiculous and stuff.

When you have a toddler that turns into a kid, you kind of turn around and notice that well, we aren’t just dealing with a little person who needs some direction and is happy with just a park visit and some squeezy pouches of pureed food anymore. You have a KID who has struggles in school, needs constant stimulation and re-direction and all of that stuff and it’s super important to address because they are a legit person doing legit things now. We’ve been in this transition for a long time now. We have a 4 year old who is going into pre-K and needs to be ready for real school in a year. Academically, she’s money. Emotionally, well that’s a work in progress (forever and ever amen with kids, right?). This little lady of ours has spunk. We’ve always known that. She’s fucking fabulous, to put it lightly, and is easily the coolest person I know. With all that fabulousness comes it’s challenges. Homegirl feels all the feels. It’s all good, and it will be all good. It just takes a lot of work on our part, on her part, and well, that leaves me less time to be hanging around here being silly.

Then we have that guy making pee in my uterus (seriously thank you for the updates baby center – cannot unsee things like this). Pregnancy is cool but god is it also gross. Second time around seems to be more-so, at least for me. Not sure if it’s the boy hormones or just second time syndrome but I’m not sure I have ever felt so large and icky. I mean, I’ve accepted it you know? It just doesn’t make me hop out of bed in the morning and be like LET’S TAKE PHOTOS OF ME! In fact it’s quite the opposite. I’m pregnant in my upper arms, thighs and neck as well. But what can you do? You can cry and bitch on your blog about it, that’s what. TADA!

IMG_0208Her face about sums up how I feel these days.

In FANTASTIC news, our March of Dimes walk is on Saturday and we met and exceeded our team goal. I can’t say thank you enough to all of you who have generously donated – I really am blown away each and every time a new donation comes in. It means SO much to me that so many of you have helped and I’m excited to see where we are at next week and draw the winners of the raffle. If you haven’t donated/entered and would like to possibly win cool stuff while helping babies, click here. Seriously, so warm and fuzzy feeling over here.

Officially 3rd trimester today.


2013 Bloggers for Babies | March for Babies RAFFLE!

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Time is FLYING. In less than 3 weeks, my team will be walking in the March of Dimes March for Babies. This is our 3rd year as a team and we’ve set a lofty goal: $5000 for March of Dimes. We have all been working hard to get donations to get there but it’s time to turn to the power of the internet to reach our goal. Get your $5 ready because the yearly raffle is here and you’re gonna want to get in on this action.

Tons of amazing people have donated prizes to help me get as much money for MoD as possible. If you’ve already donated to my goal (THANK YOU!), you’re already entered! If you haven’t, now is the time. For every $5 you donate you get one entry into this raffle full of awesome prizes. First I’ll show you what’s up for grabs. Shall we?

MoD11. Ergo carrier in Mystic Purple (purple because it’s MoD’s color!) – a $115 value.  2. Onesie of the Month Club from Spunky Stork! – a $250 value. 3. $50 to spend as you please at Little Hip Squeaks! 4. $50 to spend at Ruche!

MoD25. Narwhal cozy for your iPad, Kindle, tablet, etc. from Life Geekery (I just die) – $27 value. 6. One mask of your choice from Opposite of Far! 7. $30 shop credit to Yarn Bombed Antlers! 8. Your choice of sling from Umi Sling – $55 value.

MoD39. Sterling Silver City and State necklace of your choice from GlassCast – a $45 value. 10. “You are my favorite adventure” 8×10 print from Nole & Paper – $20 value. 11. Custom infant/toddler crocheted narwhal hat (!) from Jess Judkins. 12. $25 to spend at Quarter Life Luck!

MoD413. Vintage Double Drop Earrings from elladolce! 14. Robins egg blue cowl from Sarahnade shop! 15. 5 winners will get a block set (boy, girl, baby) from Littlest Lulu! 16. A one year subscription to the Monthly Spread from ARMOMMY!

MoD517. $30 to spend at Peach State Yarnworks! 18. Gift pack (Betsy Johnson necklace, vintage brass owl trio and $25 shop credit) from Stars Appearing! 19. An instant Raggedy Ann and Andy nursery (Lamp, mobile, wall art, crib quilt and chalk ware figure – so cuuute!) from Lishyloo Vintage! 20. $20 to spend as you please at Up a Tree Cup of Tea!

MoD621. 5 winners will each win a Bullshit stamp from Future Primitive (love these so much).  22. A mother/daughter set of boot socks from Burke & Louise Co.  23. Custom drawing from Peanut Gallery Prints – $50 value. 24. All Four Seasons infinity scarf from Teeny Tiny Bows – $26 value. 25. A gift pack of Petite Posters and cards from Type A Calligraphy – $42 value.

Your donation, no matter the amount, funds important research and programs that help babies begin their lives healthy. If you spend much time on blogs it’s probable you’ve come across someone who has been able to use the help of the March of Dimes. It’s a cause I really believe in and I can’t thank those of you who donate enough. In the 4 years I’ve walked I’ve been blown away by the support of my team members and readers who donate. I’d like to thank all of you in advance, as well as the lovely people linked above who have donated their time and creativity to help me raise even more for babies. It means so much, thank you all.

Entering is easy! Every $5 you donate (directly to March of Dimes) is one entry in this raffle. You donate $20, your name is in the “hat” (aka, my spreadsheet of awesome) 4 times. Simply click here, donate (credit/debit and PayPal are available) and you’re in. Again, if you’ve already donated via my link, you’re already entered. I have 19 days to raise another 19 days to raise $700 to reach my personal goal of $1000. Many of you helped me get to my goal and surpass it last year, so I know I can count on you. It’s the price of many peoples daily coffee fix. I’d love it if you’d consider putting it here instead today.

I’ll draw winners after my walk on May 18th to give maximum fundraising time. Please spread the word – these prizes are so great, amirite?


2013 March for Babies | WA Bloggers for Babies!

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129copyI can’t believe it’s already time again for March for Babies! Being team captain for this event is one of my favorite things of the entire year, and I’m super excited that this will be the 3rd year I’ve put together an awesome team and my 4th year walking. Each year keeps getting better and I expect nothing less from this year. Over the last 3 years our team has raised nearly 7 thousand dollars for March of Dimes in total, last year being the highest at almost $4000. I’ve set our team goal for $5000 this year and I hope we can blast through it. Of course, we’ll need your help!

If you’re anywhere in traveling distance of Tacoma, Washington our team would LOVE to have you join as a walker. The more walkers, the bigger our circle of influence on donators, resulting in the most money we can get to make sure babies all have a fighting chance. March of Dimes does some amazing things and they are very deserving of our charity. If you can’t walk with us, please consider starting or joining a team in your area (they can all be found here!) or donating to our team here. I’ll have the donation widget up on my side bar until after the walk, so please send as many people our way as you can.

Our walk is May 18th at 9:00 am.

As you can see, we bring our kiddos and our husbands and our friends and even our dogs and whoever we can get to join in. If you’d like to join our team, simply head here to sign up (click join this team, then set up your personal goal. Grab a widget for your blog if you have one!) and you can start fundraising immediately. Some companies even match donations, so check into that at work to really boost the moola for babies!

I’ll be setting up a big giveaway like the last 2 years which will be a raffle for everyone who donates to my total here. The giveaway is not set up yet, but anyone who donates prior will be entered in the raffle (for the record, every $5 donation will be one entry). If you’re a company or small business who would like to donate items for the raffle, please do email me!

I really hope this can be our best year yet – thank you in advance to my readers who will walk and donate and put up with my incessant nagging for the next few months. It’s all for a great cause, so I hope no one minds. Stay tuned for details on the raffle and again, thank you. It means a lot to me, and many, many families out there.

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