Steppin’ Out Saturday | Staying in

Posted on | June 10, 2012 | 14 Comments

Sometimes you don’t want to step out. Sometimes you want to wear sweats and eat terrible delicious snacks, drink a bloody mary and watch Ryan Gosling before getting a full nights glorious rest. Harper stayed up way, way, way past her bedtime and before Drive (that was after she went to bed of course), we fully watched the Lala Loopsy movie as a family. Saturday night ftw!

This is what I wore. Hold your applause. Sweats, my comfiest sweater (because hi, it’s June in the PNW which apparently means CRAP weather), and sparkle TOMS strictly for the task of taking my dogs out to take a duece. Like my friend Jenna said when she saw this photo, I was just a large pair of glasses away from being Leslie Hall. She pretty much couldn’t be more right (and how did she know I was stretching for my dance moves?). Also, blind pug loves naps.

Since I’ve given you absolutely nothing to look at sartorial-wise in this post, please to be accepting my bloody mary recipe as  a consolation prize.

3oz Vodka
5 oz Mr & Mrs T’s Bold and Spicy mix
Squirt of Sriracha
A few dashes of Worcestershire
Squeeze of lemon
Salt & pepper rim
ALL THE VEGGIES – my faves: green olives, marinated garlic, pickled asparagus, pickled green beans, pickled carrots, celery

Scot likes horseradish in his. I’m not a huge fan usually, but it does add a nice kick. I’d like to state the obvious and say if you are in a position to acquire bacon salt? You should use that on the rim. I know, I didn’t even need to say that.

Happy weekend! Hope you are having a great one whether you stepped out or stayed in.

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Food party mouth time emporium

Posted on | May 22, 2012 | 39 Comments

so i take a lot of pictures of my food with instagram. it’s a sickness, this taking pictures of food. funny thing is, i’ve been a chronic food picture taker for much longer than i realized. i thought it was blogging that brought it about but the other day i was looking through some old photos from before i even knew what blogging was (can you imagine?) and there were shots of food. even a few of my feet! i was as surprised as you must be right now.

anywho, enough people ask me about what is on my plate/about to enter my facehole at a rapid pace, i thought i’d share some of my easy as heck vegan & vegetarian lunches and dinners. they’re not even recipes. just like, hey throw this junk on a plate and mow down type of thing.

i’ll warn you ahead of time that we are fully addicted trader joes shoppers. if you don’t have one by you, my pile of condolences can not be shoveled in your direction fast enough. we rarely even go to the regular grocery store anymore. if you do have one by you and you do not take full advantage, this is me questioning our relationship.

first up, some dinners.

recipe here. this is a weekly staple, we truly eat this at least once per week. cheap, easy and delicious.

recipe here. again, make this on sunday and enjoy for lunch all week. or great for dinner or bringing to a party (if you like hugs).

hummus dinner! we also do this once a week. make your own hummus (here is Scot’s recipe for cilantro hummus, this night we substituted roasted red peppers for cilantro and YES DO THAT). toast some naan or pita and serve with whatever floats your boat. we shuffle around cucumber, tomato, artichoke hearts, peppadews, kalamata olives and because i like kale, sometimes i eat a large bowl of it for kicks. because that makes sense. (no it doesn’t).

i would like to propose marriage to the makers of the trader joes veggie gyoza. it will obviously need to be in a state who allows one to have multiple wives because their gyoza dipping sauce needs to be my sister wife immediately. i make a fast easy slaw to go along side using cabbage, carrots, red bell pepper and cilantro. toss it with some miso vinaigrette and top with toasted sesame seeds. Scot likes to also make miso soup with this because he is a man and gains no weight/does not balloon up like a whale with too much sodium intake like i do. (men!).

and of course, lunches. lunches that are fast and easy and can be made somewhat easily with a small child yelling and demanding of things, such as her own lunch, more juice or KIPPER LADY GIVE ME THE KIPPER.


so naughty. avocado on toast with salt and pepper needs to be punished and sent to a time out in my lower digestive track.

hey, take the left overs from that bean bowl up there and wrap it in a tortilla. don’t even question me, just do it.

have you ever made hummus with white beans instead of chick peas? if not, give it a try – super smooth and yummy. i like extra garlic in mine. oh and again with the kale, good grief woman. (but seriously, saute it in some veggie broth, cover until sufficiently cooked and salt & pepper it).

trader joes taboulli. sometimes when we go they are out, which leads to a minor rage stroke on my part. i keep meaning to try and make my own but the bar is set so high i feel i’m just setting myself up for disappointment. disappointment about middle eastern salad. i mean come on.

so there are some of my favorite things to eat! i don’t know whether i should be proud or embarrassed, but i hope if you like eating things that something will inspire you. all it’s really done for me is inspire me to go investigate the fridge at nearly midnight, but i digress. enjoy!

Vegan noms | Cold Thai Noodle Salad

Posted on | May 9, 2012 | 21 Comments

last month we missed a family event because all three of us were sick. my in laws stopped by to see us on their way out of town afterwards and brought with them a bunch of this delicious noodle salad that my sister in law and sent. it was amazing and i needed the recipe like my life depended on. luckily my sis in law is awesome and emailed it to me before i even had a chance to beg for it. i altered it a bit based on what i had on hand, but you can add shrimp and won ton strips for extra yum. make a big batch using all the noodles in the box and munch on it all week when the mood strikes. which it will. at all hours of the day and night.


box of rice noodles
1 cucumber
1 tomato
shredded carrots
toasted sesame seeds


1/3 cup rice vinegar
1/3 cup soy sauce
1 1/2 tsp sesame oil
juice from one lime
2 tbsp brown sugar
2 cloves minced garlic
red pepper flakes to taste

i think i’ve made it pretty clear i like easy recipes and this one is no different. prepare the noodles according to the package. while those are cooking, chop up your tomato, cucumber, carrots and cilantro. since i’m fully obsessed with trader joes, i use their pre-shredded carrots (also perfect for toddlers) and persian cucumbers. make your dressing in a jar with a lid, or whisk in a bowl like i did.

when your noodles are done cooking, rinse with cold water and drain be sure to drain really well because i’ve found with making any cold noodle salads if i don’t drain the noodles and just go about my business then the end result salad is really watery and it kind of takes away from the flavor of the dressing.

when your noodles are sufficiently drained, toss them all up with their new bff’s, the chopped veggies and dressing. chill for about an hour before eating if you can (which you can’t) and serve sprinkled with toasted sesame seeds. easy dinner and lunch for a few days!

Vegan noms | Tempeh bean bowl

Posted on | April 24, 2012 | 36 Comments

the first week i had instagram, i posted a photo of our new favorite dinner and have since gotten eleventeen questions about it. so i thought i’d share the goodness! we recently decided to cut out the majority of animal products from our diet (weekends are exceptions – for now). i love love love cheese and i love meat but during the week we have cut those things out and i have been feeling really good. sure, there are holidays and birthdays and special occasions (hello, pms) and i’ve given myself permission to not feel guilty then. but for the most part i end up feeling crummy after i eat dairy and meat, so making the switch hasn’t been that hard.

aaaaanyways, my friend Amy told me about this blog the vegan stoner and i love it. i really wanted to try tempeh because i don’t really love tofu, nor did i want to overload us with soy products (edited to add: turns out i can’t read and tempeh does in fact have soy beans in it. it also has rice, barley and millet. it’s perfect for this dish because of the rice-y texture. anyways, thanks Michelle for the heads up!). when i saw their super bean bowl i was sold. using the recipe + one change + one added nom, we now have our favorite dinner. it’s seriously SO easy and beyond yummy.

i buy our tempeh at trader joes. it’s the only one i’ve tried so i don’t know about any others, but it’s a brick-like package and i just crumble it up. we also love black beans, so we substitute that for refried.

p.s. Harper loves this dinner, too.


one package of tempeh
one can black beans, drained
one avocado
lime juice
corn salsa

i crumble the tempeh into a bowl and pour on some regular salsa, a few splashes of lime juice and a few of tapatio. stir it up real good and then heat that in a skillet on medium. meanwhile, heat up your beans, chop your avocado and prepare your mouthparts for massive amounts of yum.

after the beans and tempeh are heated, pile ‘em in a bowl and top with avocado, cilantro, hot sauce, etc. i have yet to find or try vegan sour cream, but the first time we made this i did put regular on top and it was glorious. also if you have a trader joes nearby, i consider this to be the best topping to this bowl:

corn & chile salsa = legit

i’m not kidding we eat this twice a week. so easy, so yummy. thanks so much vegan stoner for the awesome easy recipe (and overall awesome blog)!

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