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First of all, happy Veterans day weekend! To all who have served and are serving – thank you. We owe so much to you, and your families, for making such sacrifices for our country.

We spent the weekend keeping ourselves pretty busy around here. Friday night Harper built herself a castle, adorned it with Hello Kitty stickers and invited all her stuffed animals to a party in said castle. Even two Snow White’s were in attendance. Very fancy stuff.

Saturday my mom took her to Disney Princesses on Ice. I died a little bit inside at how grown up she looked.

I mean.

While those ladies were on their princess date, Scot and I hit up Home Depot and Target to begin working on our “Christmas Decor Plan”. If you’ve been a reader for a while, you might remember that Scot has a bit of a Christmas…problem. When this time of year rolls around he kind of turns into an excited golden retriever/6 year old child hybrid of holiday joy. It’s adorable and hilarious. I mean, here is a photo from last year of him making trees for our gingerbread house:

To put it lightly, he loves Christmas. So you can imagine his joy when we came across tiny holiday knitted beer coozies? And a furry hat with bears on it? I just…I love him.

Beer sweaters. That’s a thing that is happening in our lives right now.

Sunday I painted the wall in our kitchen. It’s Martha Stewart Schoolhouse Slate and it’s the most perfect gray-blue-green ever. As soon as paint-human marriage passes, it is so on.

Sunday evening we set up some Wii dancing, ate fast food and living room camped. At around 10pm as we were watching Lorax in the tent, Harper fell asleep sitting up. Sitting up! Probably tired from all the epic dancing she had done.

If you’ve never set up a tent in your living room and then piled every pillow and blanket you own, as well as every family member including pets into it, I highly recommend. Not very often, because well, some of us enjoy sleep and not being sleep-punched in the face by 4 year olds, but like twice a year? Do it. The joy on your kids face is so worth it.

Switching gears a little bit…I think it’s time to call the time of death on SOS. I’ve loved doing Steppin’ Out for the past 2 years (two years!), but everything fun must come to an end and I think the time is now for this link-up. I know lots of you love it and enjoy participating and I thank you all so much for playing along with me for so long. I really have loved figuring out my style and have enjoyed watching so many of you do the same. I’d still love to share outfits here and there with you but as for a weekly link up, my heart just isn’t in it anymore and I’d rather not hang around beating a dead horse. Thanks again for taking part and for understanding!

(says the girl in leggings and a giant hooded sweatshirt drinking a beer with a more stylish wardrobe than her. I mean, it has a pom pom tassle for the love of Andy Cooper).

Steppin’ Out | Party time, excellent

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On me >> Blouse: Target // Jeans: gift from Levi’s // Shoes: Target. On the almost birthday girl >> Top, skirt, leggings and shoes: Target (I know. Whatever.)

Despite my efforts, my child will not stop growing and aging. She’s going to be four in a few days so we threw her a party this weekend. It was awesome! She had a blast, was so good (I still have my fingers crossed every day for four being better than three), and thanked and hugged each guest after I read their card to her. It was a wonderful day, and I managed to keep my own anxiety about having 30 people in our house at bay, so I had fun, too. Air punches all around.

I want to be that mom who perfectly plans a themed party for my kid. I do. I have friends who do it and I see people do it on Pinterest and god do I wish I could be that and do that. But I’m just not that person. It took me 4 years to accept. I think buying some Target plates, some balloons and 5 pom poms and calling it good really helped me to enjoy the day. Harper had a great day, and that is all that mattered. It helps that we have so many amazing people in our lives who want to celebrate her.

We decided to make it a pancake party, which was a huge hit. It was at 11am so everyone could still nap and go about their plans for the day afterwards.

Thank you to the friends and family who made the day so special for her, and thanks to those of you who have cheered us on over the years. I can’t believe this lady is about to be 4!

p.s. I got my hair done – no more ombre + extensions. My hair hit it’s limit and decided to stop growing, so I made it grow. My friend and hair goddess Carly did it all for me and if you’re in the Puget Sound area, you need her in your life. Trust me.

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Steppin’ Out | Fall as f*ck

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This is kind of embarrassing, yet not surprising – everything I’m wearing is from Target, right down to the “boot socks” that I made last year from cutting the sleeves off of an old sweater…from Target. (sweater is current, boots are last year).

According to my husband, that is what I looked on Friday night. Combine this outfit with the pumpkins, cornstalks, gray weather and our outing to eat Pho and yeah, he was pretty much spot on. I didn’t bother with makeup, or doing my hair, or a real camera because all I could think of was Sriracha. JUST GET ME TO THE SOUP.

This was the only time I got dressed this weekend. The rest was in jammies, or painting clothes, or jammies again. It’s been rainy and windy and pine-needly so we’ve been burning a pumpkin candle and enjoying the indoors. I don’t think I’ve ever enjoyed Fall this much. I know it’s everybody and their moms favorite season but it’s never really been mine. This year it’s kind of growing on me though. Don’t tell Summer.

p.s. I’m even enjoying football. WHO EVEN AM I EVEN!

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Steppin’ Out | Obligatory pumpkin patch photos

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On me >> Dress and sweater: F21 // Socks and boots: Target. On Harper >> Sweater and jeans: Gap // Boots: Carters

On Saturday we left the land of unpacking for a sunny day outside at Spooner Farms. This is the 4th year in a row we’ve taken H to pick out pumpkins, look at goats (say hello to your mother for me ok?) and generally kick off Fall the right way. It corresponded with our family photo session with Stacy, which we haven’t done in forever so that is exciting. I wouldn’t normally wear a dress to a pumpkin patch but you know, Christmas cards and stuff.

The day was gorgeous. Too gorgeous considering the fact we all wore sweaters – it was 75 degrees! Last year when we went the place was a mud pit – this year all that dirt was loose and getting kicked up like a mofo. All of our clothes were covered in a fine coat of dusty dirt but it was all worth it to bring home pumpkins, cornstalks for our new front stoop and even a mini hay bale (freaking adorable).


My Halloween baby will be 4 in a few weeks. Pardon me while I cry about that. I will try to keep the sappy WHY ME WHY DO THEY GROW AND AGE posts to a minimum but dude, why do they do that shit? Some sort of conspiracy if you ask me.

Happy Fall guys, I’m super into it this year.

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